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Product Information:

This spinner only works with the lid closed which keeps little fingers safe!

Spin Art is not only a very fun activity, but the kids have something to take home as well. You will need to allow about 10 minutes for the paint to dry. Make a souvenir out of the spin art cards with our specially sized spin art frames. Frames open like a picture frame in back.

- Includes 25 qty 5x7 cards and picture frames
- Low profile Stand for kid height to see action
- 6 paint colors, Slit in top of plexiglass to apply
- Less is more with paint! Just a couple drops per colors you choose.
- 50ft extension cord.
* Extra cards and Frames .55 each set.
* Add a 6ft Table to dry them on with a Stay put Table Cover for $12.75. Request at booking

* If you abuse/neglect this machine there is a $20 cleaning fee, no exceptions.
Abuse is when you squirt the paint in machine when cards are done or not inside, or all over the outside of machine.
Happens a lot lately and we now have to charge as it waste all the paint and takes 1 to 2 rolls of paper towels and about 30 min just to remove the unnecessary mess from neglect and abuse. When finished with cards simply unplug and move out of sight if need be, its light easy to move. Stuff happens we wont get mad just got to charge for the wasted paint, and time to clean it properly, Never attempt to clean yourself.

We only rent concessions as an add-on item to an inflatable or tent rental.  

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


  • Additional Spin Cards and Frames

    Add Extra Supplies Cards and Frames: Increments of 1. Cost .55 Each

  • Paint Refill Kit

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